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NComputing N-Series Firmware Updates

NComputing have just released a major firmware update for the N-Series of devices. With the inclusion of the latest Citrix receiver, 13.4.0, the biggest noticeable difference is increased speed of the local UI, as well as other performance enhancements and bug fixes. This update is suitable for the N400, N500, N500w & N600. To coincide with this release NComputing have also released a new version of their management appliance.

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Praim releases the new 7.5.7 ThinMan management console version for its thin & zero clients

ThinMan allows a complete automatization of technical and administrative operations on thin clients and PCs, thanks to which it is becoming an absolutely essential tool for every IT Manager.

Four new important features in the new 7.5.7 version:


Starting from this version, the ThinMan will carry out the automatic download of updates, allowing clients to always have the latest version available. The administrator will be noticed about new updates and will decide when to run them. It will no more necessary to manually check and download updates. All updated files will be equally available in the MyPraim area of our website, together with firmware and add-ons for Praim products.

The most important novelty available to our clients! This feature allows capturing the complete image of a Windows Embedded (WES7 and WIN10IoT) device by creating an image in the repository package and making it available for the deployment. The image capture and distribution process can be carried out with a few clicks, removing any complication for the administrator. Technically, the previous system (based on PXE server) is being substituted, removing all issues connected to this system and to the broadcast packages diffusion in the network. With the new system the size of the created image is optimised, with less bandwidth involvement during the deployment process.

With the new image capture and distribution system, ThinMan also introduces the new scheduled activity to deploy the O.S. images on Windows Embedded thin clients. This useful feature will be available for all ThinMan Premium Edition and ThinMan Platinum Edition console clients who are up to date with their Software Assurance contract.

Thanks to this new feature it is possible to define the maximum number of concurrent executions of updates that ThinMan console runs on devices, in order to slim network processes and devices involvement. This new setting avoids creating scheduled actions, several small groups of devices, although it allows creating scheduled activities on big groups, by managing them in an optimised way.

Find out more at Praim ThinMan or head over to our Contact Page to get your free download.

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NComputing vSpace Pro 10 review: VDI made easy and affordable

ZDNet recently reviewed the latest release of vSpace 10 Pro, which highlighted how easy the software is to set up and install, whilst levering the RDS features of Microsoft’s latest operating system, Server 2016. The new release was awarded 8.5 out of 10 and excellent in the editors rating.

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vSpace Pro: What you need to know


NComputing has released the newest version of the best desktop virtualisation software for SMB and educational institutions.

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Citrix XenApp 6.x End of life (EOL) is near



Citrix XenApp 6.x End of life (EOL) is near. Upgrading to 7.x is difficult and costly. Seems like a good time to consider your options.
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Introducing N600 Thin Clients for Citrix HDX with Native Dual Monitor Support


NComputing have announced the launch of the N600 thin client for Citrix HDX. Designed for knowledge workers with high multimedia and productivity needs, this native dual display endpoint supports 1920×1200 resolution, monitor rotation, and full 1080p HD video playback.

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Atrust t68 & t180 Now Citrix HDX 3D Pro, HDX Premium and HDX Ready Verified

Citrix HDX technology is a set of capabilities that delivers the high-definition desktop virtualisation user experiences for any application, device or network. The highest of the 3-leveled Citrix HDX technology is HDX 3D Pro technology, which is designed to optimise the virtualisation of rich graphics applications. Atrust high-end thin client devices – t68 & t180 – have met the criteria of HDX 3D Pro guidelines, making them the ideal choices for supporting graphic intensive apps with powerful performance.

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5 Reasons: Why vSpace Pro10?

vSpace Pro 2

With the imminent release of Microsoft Server 2016, there are many reasons why you should look forward to the next generation desktop virtualisation solutions from NComputing vSpace Pro. Just for starters, here are our top five:

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ThinMan Repeater: Manage your Devices from the Cloud

In the last couple of weeks, Praim released their latest version of ThinMan with version 7.5 now available to customers with software assurance. One significant new addition to the product to the product is the introduction of ThinMan Repeater. ThinMan Repeater is an essential feature for subsidiaries and remote offices management.

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RDPSoft Announces Remote Desktop Commander Lite is Now Free!

RDPSoft have this week announced that they will be making Remote Desktop Commander Lite available for free to our resellers. If you haven’t looked at this already, then make sure you take a look as this represents a saving of £99.

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